6. Victims support scheme

Victims of violent crime that occurred in NSW may be entitled to various forms of support through the victims support scheme, administered by Victims Services NSW.

If your patient has experienced family violence, she can apply for free counselling. She may also be eligible for financial assistance for her immediate needs (such as relocation expenses, if required for her safety, or emergency medical and dental expenses.) Further financial assistance for economic loss can be applied for to cover ongoing costs such as medical or dental expenses, loss of earnings. Financial assistance is capped to set limits. Some victims may also be granted a recognition payment depending on the nature of violence that occurred.

Most types of support require victims to apply within set time frames (usually within 2 years from the incident).

Your patient may need you to write a medical report or provide evidence of injuries she suffered, if she is applying for financial assistance or a recognition payment. Applications for free counselling only do not need any supporting documentation.

Refer your patient to Victims Services NSW for more information. A support co-ordinator will assist her to apply for any benefits available under this scheme.

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